Eight of our most gallant runners tackle the Roseland August Trail (RAT) Races!

  • Alastair smashes Ironman Role

    He may only be able to count to nine and a half on his fingers, but that doesn't make Mr Newey any less of a superstar!

  • The Turbine Trail

    It's Devon's toughest race ... with turbines!


    Supreme efforts made by our members at the weekend, but sad news for Rachael!

  • Mary massacres mere mortals

    Oh! It was so close! Mary takes the Red Bull Steeplechase crown by a mere twenty-one minutes!

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The race with more hills than the Benny Hill extended family annual get-together, the Combe Crawler is back for 2017 and open for registration! The race takes place on Sunday, November 26th, commencing at 11am. All finishers receive a fantastic T-shirt and extra goodies! £12 affiliated/£14 non-affiliated (entry on the day costs extra). To secure your registration, click here. To learn more about this fiendish race, click here.


ABOVE: Five Ilfracombe runners line up for a recent race. From left to right: Mary Menon, Becky Williamson, Alice Bradley, Andrew "so called" Kimberley, Beth Barrington.

Another glorious weekend of IRC running. And cycling. And swimming! Alice Bradley went all the way to LA to run a 10k! The chatterbox competed in the LA Kings 10k in Redondo Beach, California. Alice finished the course in 56:20!

Joe "Dan" Murdoch was our sole competitor at the Cheddar Marathon - a twenty-nine mile 'trail' marathon. No time yet for everyone's second ... er, now third favourite club beardie (since Andrew "so called" Kimberley has cultivated one over the summer) but the Combe Martian finished in third place!

We'll come to Mr Kimberley in a moment, for he was competing in the Bude Pirate Run, but pride of place there must go to Mary "Exmoor Beast" Menon, who beat everyone ... literally, everyone ... to finish first overall. Woo hoo! Kimbo trailed in 50th place on 01:17:56, just beaten by Simon Oliver on 01:17:43. Simon's other half Nicola finished in 01:23:21.

Finally four of our runners competed in the Ilfracombe Triathlon - a 500m swim, a 27km bike ride and a 5k run. No results as yet, but Alistair "Ironman" Newey was the first IRCer to finish, followed by Chris Broome and then Andrew Woodford. Karen Wells competed for the ladies and commanded a high finish - more news when we have it! Congrats to our many, wonderful athletes, and Kimbo.


There once was a race called the RAT. Not one part of it could said to be FLAT. Eight runners competed, only seven completed, not David Garcia what a (gallant effort David, hard luck!). Full details here.


Some efforts by our runners are simply staggering. Many of us baulk at the idea of running an entire 5k. Others aspire to loftier goals. Our latest runner to attain godly status is Alastair Newey, who beasted an Ironman in Maastricht, the Netherlands.

This staggering effort involved a two and a half and a bit mile swim/paddle, a 110 mile gentle bike ride followed by a 26.2 mile jog. Bloody hell! The acerbic Mr Newey mastered the swim in 01:12:20, smashed the bike ride in 06:41:40 and gave the run the (stumpy) finger in 05:20:21 - a total outstanding athletic time of 13:35:42.

Afterwards, the happy Alastair expressed his delight, claiming that he felt 'ten feet tall', although he didn't explain why he had shrunk a bit.

Everybody does some running

Another weekend in which everyone, it seems, ran a race. Full details here.

Up and down and up and down and up and down and ...

Our club members can't run, it seems, if neither pain nor Thatchers is involved. Read about Gavin and Dan going all vegan for a mere 3k, and some other nutters running probably the hilliest marathon that the UK has to offer. All details here.

Feeling hot hot hot at Red Bull Steeplechase

Phew what a scorcher! A gallant eleven from IRC took on the Red Bull Steeplechase on Sunday, despite temperatures so high even Jif's pizza oven had to open a window. This sizzling 23.6 mile (max) race was definitely one not for the faint of heart, or sane of mind.

Speaking of insane runners our own Mary Menon only went and won the bloody thing! Not only that, she was showered, dressed and signing autographs (someone helped her with the spelling) before the second lady had even finished. Ye gods, Mary, give someone else a chance maybe!

Of the IRC runners only Mary managed to get through the last knockout gate. Closest for the guys was David Monge Garcia, who reached the final knockout point in 02:50:30. Joe Mackenzie reached 'Steeple Three' in 03:15:32. Dropping out at Steeple Two were Kevin Reed (02:25:57), Andew 'Wooffy' Wooff (02:42:23), Neil Garrett (02:43:47), Gary 'Jeff' Kemp (02:45:57) and Emlyn Pearce (02:54:57). Pete Westmacott was recovering from tonsilitis but still made it to Steeple One in 01:54:11. Our other lady competitors were Debs Freeman (Steeple Two in 03:14:03) and Abigail Orr (Steeple One in 02:22:36).

There were plenty of other IRCers about, marshalling, helping out, enjoying fifty quid, baking in the sizzling sun and being all boss on walkie talkies. Fabulous!

Les Courants de la Liberté

Ilfracombe Running Club a été international le week-end, alors que Matthieu Hayne, André Mansfield, Pierre L'Mosa et Pierre Addison s'aventuraient à l'étranger pour participer au Caen "Les Courants de la Liberté". Lisez comment les garçons en bleu sont arrivés ici.


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Founded in 2013, Ilfracombe Running Club is a group of nutters and heavy drinkers who love running up hills (like they have any choice). We're a supportive bunch who love our slowest plodders as much as we love our super-fit athletes. We encourage anyone to slap on a pair of running shoes, get plodding, get fit and most of all, have fun! We run beginners' groups and the famous 'Ilfracombe Blue' can be seen in races local, national and even international. Come and join us for a one-off run - we (almost) guarantee you'll be bitten by the running bug. Read More ...

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