Approximately ten kilometres of trails and turbines

The Turbine Trail is our summer race, run in conjunction with the West Down Village Fayre. This event begins in the West Down Community Field and takes you up (and up, and up) across fields and country tracks. You will eventually hit the long path alongside the many wind turbines that grace our North Devon countryside, before descending back down into West Down and back to the field. A scenic and memorable run with the odd challenge thrown in!

This year's will take place on Sunday, 8th July, commencing at 11.30am. This event is licensed by the Trail Racing Association (TRA), an associate member of UK Athletics (UKA).

2016 results available here.

Turbine Trail 2017 Full Results

Pos Name Cat Bib Cat Pos Time
1COOKE, PaulM71100:44:29
2GARCIA, David MongeM2200:48:23
3BROOME, ChrisM56300:48:41
4MURPHY, CarlM15400:48:47
5REED, KevinM3500:49:04
6SUGGATE, GaryM55600:50:05
7PARKER, GrantM64700:52:05
8SPENCER, DavidM30800:53:56
9WOOFF, AndrewM36900:55:08
10CONVETT, RichardM591000:55:08
11LODER, DanM61100:55:40
12BARRINGTON, BethF53100:55:40
13WILLIAMS, RayM631200:56:52
14SMITH, JackM431300:57:22
15BURBIDGE, CharlieM251400:57:35
16GARRETT, NeilM311500:57:40
17CLARK, MicaF44200:58:14
18WILLIAMSON, BeckyF7300:58:46
19NEWEY, AlastairM91600:58:51
20COOK, StuartM131700:58:53
21PARKER, JimM461800:59:06
22WESTMACOTT, PeteM11900:59:18
23HOLROYD, LeoM682000:59:57
24DALEY, ConnorM342100:59:34
25PURSEY, LeighF38400:59:48
26BURBIDGE, DavidM262200:59:54
27SHARPE, PaulM662300:59:55
28STONE, FrankM82401:00:00
29WADE, StephanieF58501:01:18
30COULTARD, EleanoreF50601:01:20
31CHAUHAN, VishalM542501:01:57
32BAKER, TimM782601:02:33
33SIMPSON, ChrisM732701:02:41
34COULTON, SamM702801:03:07
35READER, JamesM332901:03:27
36SLEEP, JoF74701:04:35
37BULLAMORE, ZoeF32801:04:40
38KEMP, GaryM173001:04:54
39PARKER, StaceyF65901:05:40
40ALEXANDER, JohnM773101:08:09
41KNEIL, PeterM723201:08:26
42CLARK, TomM453301:09:12
43ADAMS, StephenM393401:11:17
44HARRIS, ClaireF161001:11:21
45CALCUTT, TimM193501:12:18
46SMITH, RoyM243601:12:57
47SKINNER, EstelleF371101:13:38
48FLETCHER, KerryM573701:13:43
49LEE, DannyM403801:13:56
50BEERS, StephenM793901:13:57
51LEWIS, BrynM274001:14:01
52COOPER, KellyF281201:14:38
53LLEWELLYN-REES, BarryM814101:16:00
54STURMAN, RichardM804201:16:12
55BRADLEY, AliceF471301:07:05
56SMIT, MichelleF291401:07:05
57HOOKWAY, VerityF421501:18:13
58MARTIN, SueF411601:18:38
59PEARCE, ClaireF691701:18:52
60BENBOW, SamuelM494301:19:01
61LLEWELLYN-REES, LouiseF821801:20:25
62LLAMOSA, PeteM144401:20:41
63YOUNG, JulieF111901:22:54
64PAYNE, MaddyF522001:23:48
65GILES, JamesM514501:23:48
66RYCROFT, PhilM354601:24:48
67COLWILL, AdrianM184701:25:19
68LOCKE, EricM44801:25:26
69GOLDER, JennyF122101:26:39
70ADAMS, EmilyF212201:26:39
71KNOTT, GarethM624901:26:52
72SAVAGE, CarolineF52301:28:07
73COX, NicolaF612401:29:10
74EVE, ChristineF602501:29:11
75CLARKE, JuliaF752601:29:12
76GUBB, RonM765001:29:13
77REES. CliveM205101:31:55
78ROSEVEARE, HelenF482701:38:50
79KIRK, TeresaF222801:45:00
80PREECE, JennyF232901:45:00
81HOLROYD, CamillaF673002:00:45
82MARSH, NickM105202:00:45