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Weekly IRC activities
The two main weekly IRC activities are:

• Tuesday Speed Sessions: We meet around 7pm or 7.30pm in different venues (Contact our speedsta supreme Beth Barrington if you want more information), the Speed sessions are aimed to all abilities. Please don't feel like speed sessions are geared only to the Mo Farahs out there; anyone wanting to run faster should give a try to these :)

• Thursday Club Run: We meet at the Football Club every Thursday at 7pm (excluding some summery outings where we travel to other local exotic locations). Again - we aim to cover various abilities - and we all end up our runs at the Club, where ales, ciders and other fine beverages can be bought from our Most Excellent Camarero, Mike Robinson.
If you are after parkruns in North Devon, we have a selection of varied beasties to keep you entertained:

- Woolacombe Dunes parkrun, officially the hardest parkrun in the country. Enjoy the 'Travellator', where running backwards is a distinct possibility.

- Barnstaple parkrun, a fast and furious beast at Barnstaple Rock Park.

- Bideford parkrun, an even faster and furious-er puppy where the Bideford Running Club Speedy Gonsaleses generate havoc Saturday after Saturday...

- Barnstaple Junior parkrun, and Torridge Junior parkrun, 2k parkruns aimed to 4-14 year olds or in other words - the kids that will annihilate us golden oldies very soon!
North Devon Relays
This competition is held annually between Bideford Athletics Club, Fremington Trailblazers, Ilfracombe Running Club, North Devon Road Runners, South Molton Strugglers and Torrington Athletics Club, who will fight to the death for world dominance (aka - have some runnin' larffs and grub/drinks afterwards).

It consists of 6 rounds, one hosted by each of the clubs on Tuesdays and Wednesdays during the summer. Each route is roughly 2.5 miles long and each club enters teams of 3 or 4 runners from various age/gender categories. 2020 dates are not yet available, but you can still check the website: North Devon Relays. These are the rounds:

Round 1, May 06, South Molton Community College, the "flat and fast" one

Round 2, May 19, Fremington Trailbrazers - Instow Cricket Club, the "Orange" one

Round 3, June 02, Ilfracombe - Football Club, the "Fooking Hilly" one

Round 4, June 16, NDRR - Park School, Barnstaple, the "Also flat and fast" one

Round 5, July 01, Torrington - Rugby Club, the "Oh it's gonna hurt on the way back" one

Round 6, July 15, Bideford - Club house, the "I thought this was flat ffs omg?!?" one
January 2020
ND XC League: Shebbear
Cross Country
Race date: 12/01/2020
Part of the North Devon Cross Country League, this Shebear College edition also incorporates the North Devon Champs. Ideal if you like to be beaten by kids who could be your grand grand grand children... Visit website.
Braunton 10
Race date: 19/01/2020
Iconic 10 miler road race organised by NDRR, fast but with two beastly climbs not for the faint-hearted. Visit website. For the speedsters out there, there is also a 10k option.
February 2020
ND XC League: Final Day
Cross Country
Race date: 02/02/2020
Part of the North Devon Cross Country League, this is the final day at West Buckland. Ideal if you like to be beaten by kids who could be your grand grand grand children... Visit website.
Exeter Half Marathon
Race date: 8-9/02/2020
Another fast and furious, PB friendly beastie recommended by our very own Steve Adams , this is actually split in two days (no, this does not mean that the race is so hard it takes over 24 hours!!! :D), with Saturday focused on more competitive runners, whilst Sunday for newer runners that want to get into the challenge of finishing the distance. Visit website
Castle Hill Corker
Race date: 23/02/2020
Organised by the crazy gang at South Molton Strugglers, this 6 mile-ish race running around the Castle Hill Estate contains everything you ever wished for: relentless ups and downs, gallons of mud, and a crazy tunnel to add 'ambience' to the proceedings...Visit website
Hameldown Hammer
Race date: 23/02/2020
Unfortunately, this year you have two spectacular events on the same day (the Castle Hill Corker near South Molton, and the Hameldown Hammer in Dartmoor). If you'd like to try one of the hardest half marathons in the South West, the Hameldown Hammer is a must: the first two miles are a relentless beast of a climb until you hit Hameldown Beacon and Hameldown Tor.

As usual with all Puretrail events, Mark Brooks, Steve Skedgell and their troupe of amazing marshals will carry you to the finish line. Or whatever it is left of you after beastly climbs, bogs, and a final descent that will leave your quads reeling. Visit website
Exeter City 10k
Race date: 23/02/2020
So, if you are getting ready for the Bideford Half, and don't wanna break yer ankles in the Hameldown or Castle Hill beasties, this flat, loopey 10k (2 laps around the "Duckes Meadow Park and Riverside Valley Park", longest park name ever?!?) will give you PB chances. Recommended by our very own Hayley Prince, who apparently ran it last year withour realising other members of IRC were there too!!! :D Visit website
March 2020
Bideford Half Marathon
Race date: 08/03/2020
Part of what are probably the flattest, fastest running series here in North Devon (together with the Bideford 10k and 10m), the Bideford Half is a beautiful beast that will give you a few road bumps, followed by a steady Tarka climb and a wondrous descent towards the estuary after going through a luvly tunnel. Visit website, and remember: if you complete the three races, you get this shpektacular interlocking set of medals. *Batteries not included.
Race date: 08/03/2020
If you prefer more hills, mud, bogs, beachy miles than the Bideford Half, on the same day you can run an iconic race in the South West, the infamous Grizzly (or her smaller beast, the Cub).

The Grizzly is a very tough 20 miler (9 for the Cub), with everything harsh that nature (and humans! :D) can throw at you. There is a ballot system in place due to the massive affluence of the race. A must.Visit website.
Arlington Canter
Race date: 15/03/2020
There are very few races out there that run through such a ridiculously beautiful landscape. The Arlington Canter, organised by the North Devon Road Runners (you won't find many roads on this race, mind! :D), run through spectacular woods in the Arlington Court National Trust Property. The last climb towards Arlington House is of the "dafuk - this never ends?!?" variety :D Visit website.
Bratton 6 hour Time Challenge
Race date: 21/03/2020
If you are used to running exact distances, this one will blow your mind: the constant here is not distance, but time! (I just explained to you the Theory of Relativity, you are welcome). Run as many 1.5 mile laps as you can in Bratton Fleming, you can enter solo or as part of a team relay.

Impossible to get lost, amazing cheering all the way, organised to perfection - only in its second year and already feels like a classic. Very recommended! Visit Facebook Page.
Deep River Trail Races
Race date: 21/03/2020
Pure Trail are one of the best race organisers in the South West (Mark Brooks and Steve Skedgell are passionate runners, and it shows). The Deep River races (a half and a 10k) run in the Big Woods of Fingle, and start and finish at Piddledown Common (you could not make a name more quaint huh?!? :D).

This is a forest/undulating affair, very simmilar to the Drogo 10. As usual with Pure Trail, they take health and safety very seriously so make sure that you read all the compulsory equipment / I forgot once in one of their races, and only a last minute intervention from our Mary Menon saved the day!! :D) Visit Website.
April 2020
Honiton Hippo
Race date: 19/04/2020
A bit of an unknown around here, the Honiton Hippo is one of the most fun, fast and furious mudfests out there. The hosts, Honiton Running Club, describe this race as 'A Tough Multi-terrain race with Roughly 7 miles of Mud, Sweat and Tears'.

It also includes the Hippo Calf, a 3k multi-terrain Junior race. The editor of this calendar aka myself the superb David Garcia ran the 2019 edition - and I veeeery truly recommend this puppy!!! Visit website.
May 2020
Hartland Hartbreaker, Wine Edition
Race date: 03/05/2020
One of the most iconic races in North Devon comes back after a short hiatus in 2019. Organised by the NDRR, this is an 18 miler-ish monster of a race tackling insane climbs in the Coast Path around Hartland, and crossing beautiful meadows/forests/flower beds etc. Alcohol and merriment are always present there. A must!!! Visit website.
Bideford 10k
Race date: 10/05/2020
Part of what are probably the flattest, fastest running series here in North Devon (together with the Bideford Half and 10m), the Bideford 10k is a 5k out / 5k back alongside the estuary, with ridiculously fun sprint finishes towards the park. Visit website, and remember: if you complete the three races, you get this shpektacular interlocking set of medals. *Batteries not included.
Woolacombe 10k Beach Run
Race date: 17/05/2020
A mixed terrain blast of a race @ Woolacombe Beach. All the money raised from this event will be donated to local charities supported by the Rotary club. Enter here.
RNLI Yellow Welly Cobble Wobble
Race date: 24/05/2020
The name of this race might not precisely roll off the tongue, but the RNLI have created here a beast of a challenge. Originally presented as a "14-ish miler", this is an 11 miler with 2500 feet ascent, and some climbs that will virtually bring you to your knees.

The race was supposed to be a one off in 2019, covering for the then absent Hartland Hartbreaker. Luckily, the organisers have decided to bring this back in 2020. Enjoy! Visit website.
June 2020
Deer Dash
Race date: 20/06/2020
From our very own, the sublime, most exalted Count Von Panache du Ben Beacham, comes this leg smasher, a crazy 10k @ Stowford Farm Meadows - followed by live music from Wayne Green, Sam Fearon and Such & Vincent. Expect Ben to sing "I will survive" after a few pints also! :D

You can enter via email by contacting Ben Beacham. Entry on the day also available; there is no fee to run (like WTF!??!?) but if people wish to camp, this year there will be a separate field at the special price of £15 per night - you just need to inform reception of the campsite that you stay for the Deer Dash ;)

Visit the Deer Dash Facebook Page
July 2020
Black Rock Run
Race date: 03/07/2020
A 5k crazy blast in Woolacombe (or if you are under 14, Mill Rock Run is 1k only), organised by our wondrous Nicola Oliver. Run as a team of 4 or solo, and win either bottles of wine or beer tokens to spend at the Red Barn. Happy Days! :D
Hope Trail Festival
Race date: 03-05/07/2020
Some people love running in circles, just ask our own Dan 'Goat' Murdoch and his 24 hour track shenanigans! :D If you'd like to run a 5 miler-ish track for a choice of 36 hours / 24 hours / 12 hours (or smaller taster races mainly for children and/or bored family members of the muppets in the 24h) - this is your event. Organised with extreme care by one of the nicest, coolest organisers out there - mr. Danny Slay, the entry includes Medals, shirts, camping, and music - which will be super welcome after you've run 36 hours and wanna get a nap! :D

Visit page here.
Turbine Trail
Unfortunately, the TT is cancelled this year as the usual West Down Fete has changed dates and made it very difficult for the club to host it on the same day. We aim to return on 2021. Apologies, feel free to blame us bleedy Mediterraneans :P :D
Haytor Heller
Race date: 18/07/2020
When a race starts with everyone pushing like a lunatic towards the top of a Tor (just visit the website to see pics of start... gulps!!!), you know everything is going to hurt loads!!!

The Haytor Heller (bit of a tongue twister if you ask me - I always end up saying Haytor Teller!) is a hard 6 miler with through open moorland, woods, ravines, streams, and a spectacular descent to the finish line - where epic awaits. Don't let the "6 miler" moniker fool you though - this is one of my fav "short" races ever, and it is definitely worth the trip to Hay Tor - especially if you want to test yourself against proper running beasts out there. A must!

Visit page here.
Seaview 17
Race date: tbc
Recommended by our Speedy Gonsales Kevin Reed, the Seaview 17 is one of those hard, spectacular events that are not that well known around here, but has an almost mythical aura for "thoooose in the knoooow"!

This is not a 17 miler BTW but a 21 miler beast: you run from Countesbury Hill to Minehead on the coast path. If you've ever run between Countesbury and Porlock Weir... you know what's coming: a relentless up and down, surrounded by beautiful forests, crossing magical places, etc. The cheap as chips entry also includes bus between Minehead to start point near Lynmouth. Recommended!

Visit page here.
August 2020
Totnes 10k
Race date: 02/08/2020
Highly recommended by the friend of a friend of my cousin Vinny Garcia, this fast and furious, all off-road beautiful race following the River Dart attracts a multitude of runners out there, and it prides itself on having a very extensive prize list. Don't get too excited though - the field is big, and if you check the pic of the race start - you will notice how fast everyone looks!!! :D Go to website
R.A.T. Running Festival
Race date: 07 to 09/08/2020
The rat series is organised by the crazy bunch @ Mudcrew in Cornwall, a truly outstanding group of people supported by incredibly helpful Marshals (including Rob 'Seams' Prouten! :D). With 11, 20, 32 and 64 milers (and also a 24h event) - there is plenty to choose from, but whatever your distance - you will have to climb loads / this is a proper beast of a route. Entries go real fast so it's now or never :D Go to website
Sticklepath Horseshoe
Race date: 08/08/2020
Recommended by Mr. Simon Oliver, the Sticklepath Horseshoe is a cheap as chips, low key fell race in Dartmoor with 9.5 miles of fabulous scenery and (this will appeal to IRC runners), a finish line by a Pub! What's not to like?! :D Entries are acceptable on the day but keep an eye on safety gear required as this is quite an exposed event (i.e. the 2019 edition was cancelled due to foul weather! :D) Visit the Fell Runners Association page for more information.
September 2020
Warhorse 10
Race date: 20/09/2020
Hosted by yours only, amigo eternal Trev Bryan, the Warhorse 10 is a multi-terrain 10k with some cracking views over Dartmoor. Plenty of trophies for all categories (for those of us who truly love glitter!), the race starts and finishes at the famous Duke of York Pub (featuring in a film and a book - but more importantly, well - it's a Pub!!!) - and for a relatively new event, it has already drawn a big following within our local runners. Truly recommended :)

Visit website for more information, or go to the Facebook page
Barnstaple Marathon and Half Marathon
Race date: 27/09/2020
A flat-ish Marathon in Barnstaple you say? Yup, standing strong against the Londons and New Yorks our there, our own little capital of the Universe, Barnstaple - has its own fast and furious Marathon/Half Marathon. Or as fast as the bloody unceasing wind in the estuary allows! :D

Website link will be provided in due time.
October 2020
Exmoor Stagger / Stumble
Race date: TBC
Organised by the super cool guys @ Minehead Running Club, the Exmoor Stagger is a beast of a 16 miler (that feels more like 26!) with around 3600 feet of ascent and ridiculously beautiful views, especially if you hit the top of Dunkery Beacon and it's not raining / hailing / tornadoing etc. The climb to Dunkery is one of the longest and most unforgiving climbs in the region, but - just when you think you've done all the hard bits, another shorter but steeeeeep climb at Wooton Courtenay will test your will to live... Final descent to Minehead feels epic though.

The Stagger is a 10k-ish with 1000 feet ascent where all the pain happens in the first few miles - then it's a super fast descent to finish line / Garcia aka me has done this one three times already and it's amazing. Both races a must if you live in the area! Visit page here
November 2020
Bideford 10m
Race date: tbc
Part of what are probably the flattest, fastest running series here in North Devon (together with the Bideford Half and 10k), the Bideford 10k is a 5m out / 5m back alongside the estuary, that will obliterate your calves until 2021. Visit website, and remember: if you complete the three races, you get this shpektacular interlocking set of medals. *Batteries not included.
Combe Crawler
Race date: tbc
Some race organisers are bastards. And if one of them decides a route at IRC headquarters, where good ales abound, well - the end result can be the nastiest, motherfukerest 8.5 miler in North Devon. Incredibly scenic (muddy trails! green pastures! descent towards a Castle! cows! the sea! the Empire State Building in the distance!), and deceptively hard: even when you've climbed up Hillsborough, and Ilfracombe appears in front of your weary eyes - there is still a beast of a climb to the finish line. Told you so.

Visit page here, and remember: it's gonna hurt. Loads :P :D
December 2020
Beat the Fox
Race date: Boxing Day
So you just had two gazillion calories and most of your yearly alcohol consumption for Christmas day. You feel like your skull has been caressed with a sledgehammer. So what do you do on Boxing Day in order to recover? That's right - a fast and furious race in Fremington. What could potentially go wrong?!? :D

Organised by that Dutch gang @ Fremington Trailblazers, the Beat the Fox is the epitome of a Family Friendly event: try to finish before "the Fox" - a very easy feat as the Fox is normally Simon Haywood wearing a unitard. A must! Visit page here