We run beginners' courses for people of all abilities on a regular basis

Two or three times a year we run a beginners' course for people who want to take up running for sport, recreation, to get fit or become a little healthier. During our FREE ten week course we will take you from your first jogging steps as a runner to running a friendly 5 kilometre (or 3.1 mile) 'race'. Our qualilied instructors are there for you - to help you to learn how to warm up, run, cool down and stretch. This is the best and most comfortable way to take to running, and a huge number of our 'beginners' have gone on to become full members of the club, and even to complete half marathons! The course will run every Thursday for three months or so, from IRC HQ at Ilfracombe Town Football Club, Marlborough Way, Malborough Road, starting at 7pm.


Suitable for ALL abilities (over 18s only). Please bring appropriate clothing, appropriate footwear, and a smile! Don't worry if you miss the first couple of weeks or so, you'll soon catch up! Could you be the next Mo Farah, Paula Ratcliffe, or even, Nick Marsh? Will you finish our course as fit as the preverbial fiddle? We (almost) guarantee you'll have fun, and at the end of your ten weeks you'll feel healthier and be proud of your amazing achievement. MONEY BACK IF NOT 100% SATISFIED.

For more information contact Abigail on 07824 643209 or Clive on 07719 303560.