Position Name Time Distance Direction
1 Beth Barrington 1h 19' 44" 7.61 CCW
2 Becky Williamson 1h 19' 45" 7.61 CCW
3 Beth Berrington 1h 27' 17" 8.17 CCW
4 Kelly Cooper 1h 35' 50" 7.62 CCW
5 Kathryn Beades 1h 51' 17" 9.00 CCW
6 Jude Millage 2h 07' 25" 8.32 CCW
7 Debbie Green 2h 07' 25" 8.32 CCW
8 Deborah Freeman 2h 08' 30" 8.69 CCW
9 Nicola Oliver 2h 35' 19" 7.77 CCW
10 Michelle Manley 2h 53' 24" 9.18 CW
Position Name Time Distance Direction
1 Stephen Cameron 1h 03' 07" 7.57 CCW
2 David Garcia 1h 07' 04" 7.67 CCW
3 Stuart Cook 1h 14' 05" 7.76 CCW
4 Dan Murdoch 1h 14' 37" 7.65 CW
5 David Garcia 1h 14' 38" 7.65 CW
6 Stuart Cook 1h 16' 18" 8.04 CCW
7 Stuart Cook 1h 20' 34" 8.55 CCW
8 Andrew Woof 1h 22' 50" 7.68 CCW
9 Gary Kemp 1h 26' 22" 6.94 CW
10 Steven Beers 1h 26' 49" 8.33 CCW
11 Ben Beecham 1h 27' 24" 6.8 CCW
12 Gary Kemp 1h 27' 24" 6.8 CCW
13 Paul Cooper 1h 27' 30" 7.62 CCW
14 Paul Cooper 1h 27' 49” 7.23 CW
15 Nicholas Marsh 1h 30' 10" 7.47 CW
16 Steve Adams 1h 30' 46" 7.73 CCW
17 Andrew Woof 1h 36' 52" 9.27 CW
18 Nicholas Marsh 1h 37' 03" 8.41 CCW
19 Pete Westmacott 1h 47' 19" 9.62 CW
20 Vince Irwin 2h 08' 30" 8.69 CCW
21 Oscar Wallace-Cook 2h 29' 34" 7.56 CCW
22 Stuart Cook 2h 29' 35" 7.56 CCW
23 Simon Oliver 2h 35' 19" 7.77 CCW
24 Stephen Humphries 3h 1' 58" 14.67 CCW

Welcome to the Seven(ish) Peaks of Ilfracombe! The nature of the challenge is simple: starting (and finishing) at the Club's car park, you must run up (and down!) seven iconic climbs of Ilfracombe in ONE single outing: Hillsborough, Cairn Top, Capstone, Aerial, St. Nicholas Chapel hill (the climb is closed so you can only reach the base - hence the "ish" in the title of the challenge!), the Coin, and Tesco's climb (top roundabout) – with the added fun that you can run in ANY direction, as long as you start and finish at the Club's car park.

What's in for you, you may ask? Well - besides the pleasure of leaving your guts and will to live disseminated in wondrous landmarks, the two winners (male and female categories) will get a piece of art created specifically for the the occasion by our own local artist Beth “Van Gogh” Berrington!!!!

The rules

1. You must start and finish in front of the Club car park, and record your activity in Strava, then send me the link to the activity to validate results. I will work alongside with Gavin Burnside to make sure that your routes are legal. Do I trust you guys? Hell no. I am too Mediterranean for "trust"

2. You can choose any direction, but you MUST run at arm's reach of the exact points shown in the map provided HERE (no need to go touchy touchy, you plague carriers!!!).

3. You can submit as many entries as you want within the 1st of February to the 30th of March. Your results will be uploaded to the club's website (link to be provided in due time) - but the links to the Strava activities will be hidden until the 1st of April, so that y'all have to spend a sweet time trying to find the shortest or most effective route.

4. Usual Covid safe rules apply, and these will be enforced inasmuch as it's possible being a virtual challenge: A / you MUST run solo, or with ONE running companion. Group runs will be automatically disqualified. B/ please ensure that you give plenty of safe distance between you and people around you: please don't get so much in the zone that you lose track of how important it is to avoid transmitting Covid. C/ Ideally, try to avoid running in peak hours, and routes that might be a bit too crowded.

5. The challenge is also open to other clubs in North Devon - but please, don't go traveling from Glasgow just to participate - let's be sensible here, please.

6. All routes MUST BE LEGAL. There are a couple of places especially by Slade where you can choose a shorter route but through someone's field which is not showing as a path anywhere. Avoid plz.

7. Last but not least: guys, this is open to ALL SKILLS AND ABILITIES. Yep, the two fastest times will get lovely stuff from Beff - but the challenge is for everyone, independently of your final time. If anyone has a problem identifying any of the 7 points, please ask either Gavin Burnside or David Garcia and we will assist.