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For those who follow the round ball game, Manchester City secured all three domestic trophies in England last season, but that's nothing ... NOTHING! ... in comparison to what the good running folk of IRC are capable of, as so it proved in the third weekend of drizzle-addled June 2019.

It has been OFFICIALLY confirmed that the IRC ladies relay team of Beth Barrington, Becky Williamson, Hannah Murdoch and Kajal Bailey kicked more ass at the Hope 24 event than was kicked in the 2018 World Ass Kicking Championships in Seoul, South Korea. In this mind-boggling event (Hope 24, not the Ass Kicking), the four-strong relay team ran repeated laps of a five-mile course, and secured a gob-smacking total of 165 miles (33 laps). It was enough to secure the 'medium team' first prize AND set a new world record for distance run at the Hope24 event. Afterwards the team celebrated with a glass of bubbly each, except Becky who was satistied with just 11 pints of Thatcher's and four packets of pork scratchings.

Elsewhere there was strong IRC representation at the Woolacombe 10k Beach Run. Joe Mackenzie retained his title, spurred on no doubt by a tannoy announcement that at one stage reported the news that Peter Addison was just behind him. Also Andrew 'Wooffy' Wooff was leading at one stage in 13th position.

No official results as yet but also going home clutching silverware were Abby Cooper (1st female), Jude Millage (1st female 55+) and Dave Irvine (2nd female). Other finishers: Aaron Llewellyn, Pete Westmacott, Leo Holroyd, Andrew 'Wooffy' Wooff, Neil Garrett, Chris Bulled, Sarah Bulled, Debbie Green, Peter Addison and Shell Hindes. Pete 'The Sweep' Llamosa swept up.


Congrats to all our IRCers who actually completed the Arlington Court Canter (ahem). Them final times in full: Kevin Reed (1st MV40) 41:05.4; Leo Holroyd 44:45.7; Pete Westmacott (2nd MV50) 45:30.8; Mick McCann (3rd MV60) 46:14.5; Dave Irvine 52:26.9; "COME ON!" Claire Williamson 53:17.7; Jenny Evans 53:53.2; Hayley Whetter 55:56.8; Simon Whetter 59:07.5; Jude Millage (2nd FV55) 59:45.9; Karley Wells 1:01:14.7; Jay Bocock 1:07:17.8; Debbie Green 1:01.33.19; Alice Bradley 1:03:46.9; Linda Balment 1:07.48.7; Tim Baker 1:12:46.1.


Most of us sane people think that 5k is 'a bit of a trek', but we have some lunatics at the club for whom running/walking/stumbling over 100 miles is 'a stroll in the park'. Three such loonies took part in the Coast-to-Coast challenge over the weekend - an ultra endurance event that starts on the Devon North Coast and ends on the Devon South Coast, with just 117 miles in-between, which is like running four marathons, or 38 Park Runs, back-to-back.

The three severe psychopaths/masochists were Wendy Dale (31h58m), Dan Loder (34h52m) and Gavin 'Training? I don't need no stinking training!' Burnside (35h16m). Nutters!

Elsewhere Mary Menon was the first lady (and second overall) at the Race the Tide Long Marathon in 04:09:19. At the same venue Nick and Kajal Bailey, just back from their recent four-day trip to Lee Bay, took part in the Short Marathon, which Nick won! Hurrah! And the Woodland Trail 8.5M run, in which Kajal was the fourth lady home.

Mentions too for Hannah Mudrock who swam 1k, cycled 51k and ran 11k in the Snowdonia Slateman Tri Classic in which she finished in 03:42:58, plus Alice Bradley ran the Ocean City HM in Plymouth in 02:01:01. Phew!


If you see IRC vest-wearers at a local event, chances are you'll see some of them heading home clutching winners trophies to their chests. This was again the case at the Bideford 10k where three of our ... ahem ... veteran runners took home shiny things following the famously flat local 10k.

Jude Millage seemed to be the only person shocked that she'd trotted off with the V60 ladies prize in a chip time of 53:55. Mick McCann came second in the MV60 cat (43:23) and Dave Irvine third in the same cat (45:11)

Our other competitors: Leo Holroyd (41:13), Pete Westmacott (41:38), Claire 'Still Don't Cheer For Me' Williamson (44:17), Dougie Bolton (46:00), Darren Vincent (47:27), Roy Pickard (47:55), Ben Gunn (47:57), Elliot Jones (52:43), Hayley Whetter (53:14), Ben 'The Bullet' Beacham (53:21), Simon 'CAKE!' Whetter (53:39), Chelsey Geller-Booth (53:51), Peter Addison (54:21), Debbie 'Glamorous Gran' Green (54:31), Mel Hickles (1:00:49), Camilla Holroyd (01:28:14) and Karley Wells (01:29:29).

Elsewhere Helen Wright set the fastest lap (53:55) at the 2019 Ox Frolic, completing eight laps (84km or 52.2 miles) overall. Alice Bradley also managed four laps (42km or 26.1 miles) in 06:09:58. Stonking stuff!


Dislike him or loathe him, you cannot (sadly) deny that David "I love Sadio Mane, me" Garcia has a bit of running talent. And so he (sadly) proved by finishing second (just like Barcelona in their UCL semi) in the very sensibly-named Yellow Welly Cobble Wobble around the Clovelly estate on Sunday.

Although not a race, Mr Garcia (named in honour of his favourite ex-player Luis Garcia from his favourite side, Liverpool) somehow won a medal and a prize, finishing in a time of 01:34:49.

Other IRCers: Kevin Reed (01:39:56), Dan Loder (01:46:42), Ross Fuller (01:56:31), Andrew 'Wooffy' Wooff (01:57:29), Tim Baker (02:09:30), Sally Tapp (02:34:38), Alice Bradley (02:30:28) and Pete Llamosa (03:04:38).

Elsewhere Leo Holroyd and Peter Addison took their annual trek to Milton Keynes to compete in the MK Rocket 5k and MK HM. Times: Leo: 5k 19:13, HM 01:31:57. Peter: 5k 25:46, HM 02:10:12.

We had five competitors and two winners at the annual helter-skelter of a run called the Torrington Round the Tree Race on May 3rd. Claire 'Don't Cheer Me' Williamson (21:55) finished 7th in the ladies race and 2nd senior female, while Gavin Burnside (20:10) finished 22nd in the mens race and 3rd V50 male. Also in the running were Arron Llewellyn (18:20), Leo Holroyd (20:10), and Peter Addison (27:35).

Congratulations to those IRC runners who competed in this year's VLM on April 29th. Exposing themselves to the chilly capital air were Mary Menon (02:54:06), Kevin Reed (03:04:01), Andrew 'Wooffy' Wooff (03:30:21), Zoe Bullamore (04:02:28), Gary 'Jif' Kemp (04:21:59), Karley Wells (04:40:18) and Colin Hickles (05:40:00). Top work guys and gals!


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