Approximately ten kilometres of trails and turbines

The Turbine Trail is our summer race, run in conjunction with the West Down Village Fayre. This event begins in the West Down Community Field and takes you up (and up, and up) across fields and country tracks. You will eventually hit the long path alongside the many wind turbines that grace our North Devon countryside, before descending back down into West Down and back to the field. A scenic and memorable run with the odd challenge thrown in!

2017 results available here.

Turbine Trail 2018 Full Results

Pos Name Cat Bib Cat Pos Time
1Paul CookeM139100:45:26
2David BranfootM113200:48:45
3Gary MitchellM110300:51:26
4Chris StoneM104400:52:05
5Stuart CookM105500:52:15
6Leo HolroydM109600:54:47
7Aaron LlewellynM123700:56:17
8Andrew WooffM106800:56:25
9Ray StanierM112900:57:47
10Simon ScotthorneM1011000:58:13
11Ben GunnM1171100:58:41
12David KnightM1311200:59:02
13James ReaderM1321300:59:21
14Rebecca WilliamsonF124100:59:35
15Alicia LealF130201:00:07
16Adam JonesM1281401:00:23
17Jeffrey ButlerM1031501:00:52
18Steph WadeF118301:01:53
19Tim JonesM1271601:02:14
20Gary KempM1071701:02:18
21Bob HindM1081801:03:00
22Sam CourtonM1111901:03:41
23Abbey CooperF144401:04:51
24Chris PalmerM1252001:05:01
25Charlotte JonesF120501:06:16
26Sean DalyM1382101:07:53
27Heather CookeF140601:08:04
28Dan WassellM1222201:08:04
29Darren VincentM1412301:09:02
30Gavin CottleM1292401:09:42
31M. KimberleyF143701:12:11
32Jim ParkerM1332501:12:12
33Mica ClarkF134801:12:18
34Sara LeggottF102901:13:56
35Steven BeersM1262601:14:19
36Aggie ClinchF1151001:15:07
37Danny LlamosaM1192701:15:15
38Alan BennettM1452801:16:30
39Darran IrwinM1142901:17:28
40Matthew LewisM1373001:18:47
41Alice BradleyF1361101:19:20
42Tom ClarkM1353101:20:33
43Chris DentM1213201:28:13
44Melanie HicklesF1161201:33:03